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Singleton to Introduce Legislation to Protect Small Business Employees during Public Health Emergencies

Bill Would Ensure Worker Reinstatement Following Family Leave

Trenton – Senator Troy Singleton will introduce legislation to extend the right to be reinstated to employment following paid or unpaid family leave to small business employees. This bill would be applied to those who take Family Leave Insurance (FLI) during a public health emergency.

“As the coronavirus continues to spread, we must ensure workers are able to put the health of themselves and their loved ones first,” said Senator Singleton (D-Burlington). “No one should have to fear losing their job because they need to care for a parent, child or spouse. This legislation will ensure that even those who work for small businesses have a job to return to after taking family leave.”

In the bill, S-2270, during a period in which a state of emergency is declared for the entire State due to a public health emergency, the right to be reinstated to employment after taking family leave would extend to employees of employers with less than 30 workers. During this period, all workers who pay for FLI will to able to return to work after taking FLI benefits.