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Smith Addresses Top Sustainability Initiatives at State Conference

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Honored with Clean Communities Award


Trenton – Speaking at the “Sustainability In Motion Conference” in Atlantic City, Senator Bob Smith addressed the major recycling related initiatives he has championed in New Jersey that have marked some of the state’s most accomplished environmental actions in recent years.


Senator Smith, the chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, was the lead speaker at the session on legislation and regulation and was later honored with the “Clean Communities Award” for his leadership on all the major environmental sustainability bills in New Jersey.


“I am honored and humbled by the award but our work is not yet complete,” said Senator Smith. “Many of the most significant accomplishments on recycling and sustainability were years in the making before they succeeded. The investment in time and work is often required to make the progress that is needed.


“There is near-universal agreement that we have to do all we can to promote sustainability, preserve our environmental resources and protect public health,” Senator Smith added. “We have to continue to lead the way on innovative, common-sense reforms that address these needs.”


Senator Smith was praised for his sponsorship and advocacy on:

  • Single Use Plastics Legislation (Chapter 117);
  • The Recycled Content Legislation;
  • The Food Waste Recycling Act;
  • The legislation to establish Statewide targets to reduce organics in landfills;
  • The proposed Extended Producer Responsibility bill to adopt packaging product stewardship plan;
  • The pending Truth in Labelling legislation involving the “chasing arrows” of recycling.


Sponsored by the Association of NJ Recyclers and NJ Clean Communities, the conference includes the participation of top environmental advocates and regulators, Clean Communities coordinators, county officials, local “green team” members and recycling businesses from throughout the state.