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Smith Statement On ‘Green Building’ Package Considered By Committee

TRENTON – Senator Bob Smith, D-Middlesex and Somerset, issued the following statement today regarding the Senate Economic Growth Committee’s hearing today on a number of bills to promote “green buildings,” or buildings which supplement their energy needs through clean, renewable and environmentally-friendly energy collection:

“While the package of ‘green building’ bills were held today to address some of the Committee’s concerns, I am confident that the Committee supports the concept, and that we will be able to see the bills advance at the next meeting of the Economic Growth Committee.

“‘Green buildings’ are the wave of the future, and are an essential part in crafting public policy that recognizes the increasing need for renewable, clean alternatives as fossil fuels are depleted and our air quality worsens from fuel emissions.

“We can no longer ignore the strong possibility of an energy crisis in the very near future, and we know that emissions from soot-producing power plants have a major negative impact on our environment, contributing to a rise in asthma cases and increases in global warming.

“By supplementing our energy needs with clean, renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, we can begin to cut our reliance on foreign oil, save money, and promote a healthy environment. I look forward to working with the Committee to address their concerns and move ‘green buildings’ forward, so that we can begin reaping the benefits for future generations of New Jerseyans.”

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