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Statement Condemning Attempts To Mischaracterize & Exploit Committee Hearing

Trenton – Senate Democratic spokesman Richard McGrath issued the following statement today condemning attempts to mischaracterize, inflame and exploit the actions during the last hearing by the Senate Select Committee on Economic Growth Strategies:


“No one with the Senate wanted any member of the public to be denied the opportunity to remain in the room for the hearing. Any unsubstantiated rumors or manufactured conspiracy theories by the Murphy paid protester or other allies of the administration are nothing more than irresponsible attempts to exploit the incident for self-serving political purposes.


“The decision to have the protester removed was made solely by the State Police, who operate under the command of the Attorney General’s Office and the Murphy Administration. They were both quick to comment on the incident, but they are refusing to be fully truthful by making public the review of the actions by the officers. If they fail to respect the request by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg to disclose the report’s findings, we will use subpoena power to make it public.


“We should not allow the continuing attempts to inflame controversy to distract attention from the Legislature’s policy goals, which cover an array of issues that have an impact on the lives of the people of New Jersey, including important social justice reforms. The Governor and his allies would be better served at making actual progress on a policy agenda if they put their focus on the issues of concern to the residents of New Jersey.”