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Statement from Senator Paul Sarlo on the passing of Senator Gerald Cardinale

Trenton – Senator Paul Sarlo issued the following statement on the passing of Senator Gerald Cardinale:
“The passing of my colleague and friend Senator Gerry Cardinale marks the end of an era in Bergen County politics. His over 50 years in elected office is a significant feat, rarely achieved in politics. While we usually disagreed on most matters, Gerry never took anyone’s disagreement personally and always maintained a cordial and collegial demeanor with his fellow legislators. He advocated his positions and fought for his beliefs with passion and vigor, even when he knew the votes were against him. 
“When Bergen County Senators would meet for dinner to negotiate appointments, Gerry, as the Dean of Bergen County’s Senate Delegation, always delighted in exercising the prerogative of picking the restaurant and ordering the wine. The negotiations weren’t always good, but the food and wine always were. Rest in peace Gerry.”