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Statement from Senator Pou on Hurricane Maria Devastation in Puerto Rico

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Supreme Court Justice Nominee Faustino J. Fernandez-Vina, 10/17/13

TRENTON – Senator Nellie Pou issued the following statement on the devastation in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands caused by Hurricane Maria:

Our hearts go out to the families here in New Jersey and to those affected in Puerto Rico and St. Croix. We offer our support to our fellow citizens during this extraordinary time as they fight to recover from this natural disaster and the devastation created by Hurricane Maria. We will work to support the residents of these areas in the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

“We’re praying for all those who are in Puerto Rico and St. Croix and for the families who live here in New Jersey who have not yet been able to communicate with their loved ones. Together as a country and as a State we will work to help our fellow citizens get through this difficult time.”

“We are grateful for organizations such as the Red Cross, FEMA, among others that responded to the site of the epicenter to bring much needed aid to the population of the affected regions.”