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Sweeney Calls For Bipartisan Support On Extending Payroll Tax Cut

New Jerseyans Have Benefited Most From Tax Cut

TRENTON – Senate President Steve Sweeney issued the following statement today regarding the need to extend the federal payroll tax cut:

“The payroll tax cut implemented by President Obama has been proven to benefit working families throughout New Jersey. Recent media reports indicate that the average New Jersey worker saved approximately $872 through these cuts, far greater than the national average. There really seems to be no reason for debate on this issue. The tax cuts need to be extended, now!

“My Democratic colleagues and I support the payroll tax cut because we know the benefit it provides to the middle-class. In fact, Democrats enacted a state payroll tax cut that will give workers nearly $100 extra in their pockets. It is my sincere hope that my friends across the aisle will publicly state their support as well. It would also be a great help to the struggling working families of New Jersey if Governor Christie called on his Republican colleagues to reach an agreement on this issue. These steps, combined with the job creation and economic growth measures we are working on, will help us get back on the right track.

“The partisan deadlock that has gripped Washington cannot further suffocate those folks who need an economic break. This is easily an issue we can all come together on and support.”

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