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Sweeney: Christie’s TTF ‘Solution’ Nothing Than Just More Borrowing And More One-Shots

TRENTON — Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Cumberland/Salem) released the following statement upon learning of the Governor’s plan for the state’s Transportation Trust Fund:

“The Governor campaigned against greater debt and spent a good part of his first year telling us how we can no longer saddle residents with more debt. I wonder when his actions will catch up to his rhetoric.

“I thought debt was a dirty word to Republicans. Unless, as with other things, GOP fashions change as the Governor says they will.

“Billions of dollars in more borrowing is just pushing the real costs onto future taxpayers. Redirecting ARC tunnel money is just another in a long string of one-shot gimmicks. Throwing the Pulaski Skyway onto the shoulders of the Port Authority is just asking someone else to take on your problems. There is nothing in the plan that will provide long-term fiscal stability to the TTF.

“While Democrats were busy today cutting business taxes and creating a sustainable economic future for the state, the Governor was just plugging the TTF with more debt.”