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Sweeney Issues Statement On Governor’s Budget Address

TRENTON – Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s budget address:

“The budget as presented today is more of the same Christie policies that push property tax burdens onto middle-class families and seniors already struggling with the Governor’s property tax hikes. There is no additional municipal funding and he has again short changed educational funding. Those add up to higher property taxes.

“The Governor continues to solve his budget woes by picking the pockets of working class families, while giving solace to the wealthy. When he says everyone needs to sacrifice, he should mean everyone. Not hard working families and seniors at the expense of the wealthy.

“Municipal state aid is down $460 million from when the Governor took office. Educational state aid is short $2 billion from where the state funding formula says it needs to be. These are real numbers with real consequences. They are felt in the property tax bills of all New Jersey residents.”

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