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Sweeney Joins Gopal for ‘Report Red Tape Forum’ for Small Businesses

Roundtable Discussion Puts Focus on Ways to Promote Business Opportunities

RED BANK  –  Senate President Steve Sweeney joined Senator Vin Gopal in a working forum with the owners and operators of small businesses to discuss practical and actionable ways to promote economic opportunities, a session that included Senator Gopal’s “Report Red Tape” initiative that helps to identify and remove governmental obstacles to the creation and expansion of local businesses.

Senator Gopal is hosting roundtable discussions throughout May, National Small Business Month, to learn more about the challenges facing local small business owners and to help them through his initiative,, which he created to offer Monmouth County small-business owners help in overcoming problems they encounter while starting or managing their businesses.

“Small businesses continue to be the driving force for job creation and economic expansion,” said Senator Sweeney. “They are also the source of innovation and entrepreneurial leadership. We need to do all that we can to support their hard work, to expand opportunities and to remove obstacles to growth.”

“It is important that small businesses have a voice in their community and government,” said Senator Gopal (D-Monmouth), who is a successful small business owner.  “Through our ‘Report Red Tape’ initiative we are empowering small business owners to cut through the red tape. With their feedback, we will work to eliminate any obstacles to growth and provide the support they need to succeed.”

Small business owners often hit roadblocks when trying to manage and grow their businesses, Senator Gopal noted. From confusing municipal ordinances to laws that stifle business, local business owners can easily feel overwhelmed while attempting to break free of the gridlock government too often imposes.

Senator Sweeney also spoke about state wide priorities to meet the needs of economic expansion, including a proposed bond issue to support job training by expanding vocational education, provide more school aid to prepare students for the demands of the modern economy, and actions to make government operate more effectively and efficiently.

Created by Senator Sweeney, the “Economic and Fiscal Policy Group” is working to find ways to drive down government costs, to improve government performance and to reduce taxpayer expenses. The group is expected to report on its findings and recommendations this month, Senator Sweeney said.

“This roundtable is the type of direct engagement with the local business community that is encouraged because we find it productive and valuable,” said Red Bank Council President Ed Zipprich. “We are gathering practical information, we are hearing about current issues in Trenton, and we are allowing our business owners and operators to have their concerns heard.”