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Sweeney: New Jersey Can’t Afford To Follow Christie’s Course

TRENTON – Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney released the following statement after listening to Governor Christie’s state of the state address:

“The Governor says he wants to stay the course over the coming year. I certainly hope he doesn’t mind taking an exit ramp, because New Jersey won’t be able to afford to stay a course of higher property taxes and continually high unemployment.

“For his talk of ‘cutting the popular to fund the necessary,’ it’s obvious that in Chris Christie’s New Jersey working families are popular, but millionaires are necessary.

“Working families see their schools as necessary, but the Governor cut them anyway. Property tax relief is necessary, but he cut it anyway. Women’s health is necessary, but he cut it anyway and refused to budge even when presented with realistic and bipartisan options.

“What is most necessary now is real action to improve our business climate and create jobs. The Governor needs to remember that small businesses, not the millionaires among whom he’s very popular, create jobs.

“We have presented the Governor with 30 bills that are necessary to reposition our economy from one of stagnation and high unemployment to one of growth and opportunity. They would do exactly what the Governor said he wants to do: roll back the taxes that are strangling small business.

“Nothing else is possible unless we get New Jersey back to work. There’s no time to waste. The Governor should sign these bills today so we can start tomorrow on a better course.”