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Sweeney & Sarlo on Enactment of State Budget

Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senate Budget Chair Paul Sarlo issued the following statements today on the enactment of the FY2022 State Budget:

“This budget ensures that every resident will have the opportunity to rebound from the pandemic and benefit from the many opportunities that New Jersey offers. The investments are immediate and important, including direct assistance to working families, rebates for homeowners, as well as rental and utility assistance for those struggling most.

“So during this process we fought to ensure that this budget included a wide range of vital investments. For those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we boost the state’s share of funding for extraordinary special education and we fund an extra year of special education for those who lost a year to the pandemic. We are investing $450 million that will improve our health care readiness in years to come. And for higher education, we restore fairness in aid, by setting a floor for funding of public colleges and universities. As we move beyond COVID-19, we can be confident that this spending plan will strengthen New Jersey and lift up those in need over the months and years ahead.” Senator Sweeney


“This is a responsive and responsible budget that will help guide our recovery from the most devastating public health crisis of a lifetime. It prioritizes the health and safety of the state’s residents and alleviates the economic consequences of the pandemic.

“It uses resources wisely by creating a debt-reduction plan, an increased pension payment that will produce long-term savings, a significant surplus and a renewed Rainy Day Fund. These are sound fiscal practices that will prevent a fiscal cliff.

“The fiscal plan delivers tax relief by expanding tax credits for families, rebates for homeowners, deductions for veterans, and aid to make college and retirement more affordable.

“It establishes a partnership between the Governor and the Legislature for the use of the federal aid New Jersey received from the American Rescue Plan. This shared responsibility will ensure the best use of these funds over the next few years.

“This budget will effectively address the needs of the people of New Jersey and will help guide us through the state’s recovery and resurgence.” Senator Sarlo