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Sweeney: Statewide Regionalization Of Services Is Long Overdue

TRENTON – Senator Steve Sweeney, D-Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem, today released the following statement in support of Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts, Jr.’s proposal that local school districts and governments consolidate to share services:

“We’ve demonstrated in Gloucester County that there are large savings in consolidating resources. Statistics have shown that we save $1 million annually from the merger of our special services and vocational school districts. While we continue to search for savings while providing quality service, it only makes sense to consolidate resources. It is working in Gloucester County and it can work on a Statewide basis to reduce service costs that contribute to rising property taxes in our communities.”

This session, Senators Sweeney and Wayne R. Bryant, D-Camden and Gloucester, sponsored S-460, a measure that would call for the creation of a combined school board, which would consist of the county superintendent of schools and six other members, appointed by either the county’s chief elected executive officer or the director of the board of chosen freeholders. The chairman or representative of the county mental health board would also serve as a non-voting member of the board.

The bill was approved by the Senate in March and is currently awaiting consideration in the Assembly.

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