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Sweeney Vows To Address Needs of Microbreweries


Trenton –  Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland) issued the following statement today in support of New Jersey’s microbreweries, pledging to take whatever legislative action is needed to allow the breweries to continue to operate successfully:

“Microbreweries in New Jersey have been very successful in capitalizing on new opportunities that have attracted a growing number of customers,  created new jobs and contributed to economic growth in their communities. These microbreweries epitomize the best qualities of small business and we should be doing what we can to support them.

“I will work with my legislative colleagues to develop legislation that will bring more clarity to state regulations so that microbreweries can operate successfully while maintaining an appropriate business  distinction between C-license restaurants and the microbreweries. This will allow the breweries to continue to grow and prosper.”