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Sweeney Vows To Seek Accord On Paid Family Leave

TRENTON – Senator Stephen M. Sweeney, sponsor of S-2249, the proposal to authorize paid family leave in New Jersey, today made the following comments about the proposal to enable workers to receive part of their salary while caring for a sick family member or a newborn.

“The issue of paid family leave is very much alive. I’m willing to continue discussions with the Senate President and the Speaker to come to an agreement on getting it passed. I’ve expressed a willingness to compromise. But let me be clear, an exemption for small businesses is not one of the options (for compromise).”

Under the measure sponsored by Senator Sweeney, D-Salem, Gloucester and Cumberland, workers would be getting two thirds of their salaries up to $502 for a number of weeks, currently set at 10. Senator Sweeney and other supporters have said they would be willing to consider reducing the total to six weeks. The program would be funded entirely by average weekly contributions by workers of about $1.