11 May: Vitale-Sweeney Bill To Ensure Developmentally Disabled Funding Used

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senators Joseph F. Vitale and Steve Sweeney which would require that any surplus in federal funds appropriated for developmentally disabled individuals living within our communities go to that purpose was approved by the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee by a vote of 6-0.

“This bill would protect funds dedicated to helping our developmentally disabled population in New Jersey from being absorbed into our cash-strapped coffers,” said Senator Vitale, D-Middlesex, the Chair of the Committee. “Under the federal Community Care Waiver program, New Jersey receives federal dollars to help make life easier for developmentally disabled citizens living in a community setting. While there have not been any overt attempts to grab surplus funds to shore up our State’s finances, we need to clarify into perpetuity that this money should only go to its intended purpose.”