15 Nov: Van Drew Bill Allowing Residents To Take Pets On Public Transportation During Emergency Evacuation Clears Committee

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senator Jeff Van Drew to allow pet owners to board public transportation with a pet during an evacuation in connection with a declared state of emergency was approved today by the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee.

“For the safety of our residents and rescue workers, it is critical that everyone follows evacuation orders when they are given. However, we know there are always people that stay behind during a crisis because they refuse to leave their pets. As a dog owner I completely understand this, but I also recognize the incredible danger involved in remaining in a storm-threatened area,” said Senator Van Drew (D-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlantic). “We have to give people the ability to get their animals out of harm’s way during a declared state of emergency. Allowing pets to board public transportation with their owners is the compassionate thing to do, and it’s the smart thing to do for the safety of our state.”

03 May: Vitale Bill Requiring Greater Medical Error Reporting Signed Into Law

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Joseph F. Vitale, known as the “Health Care Responsibility and Reporting Act,” which will increase peer review and reporting of negligence and incompetence in response to the unreported murders of killer-nurse Charles Cullen, was signed into law today by Governor Richard J. Codey.

“Cullen abused the inherent trust we put in our health care professionals, killing approximately 40 people, making him one of the most prolific serial killers in recent history,” said Senator Vitale, D-Middlesex. “That he was able to exploit his access as a caregiver to kill should be a wake-up call to the rest of the health care community that we need better peer reporting of negligent and suspicious activity. With these reforms now signed into law, concerned coworkers have a greater mandate to report incompetent and reckless behavior among health care providers.”