23 Nov: Turner Measure Would Require Cash Bail For Gun Charges

TRENTON – Senator Shirley K. Turner today welcomed Senate committee approval of her measure to require that any bail posted by a defendant charged with weapons offenses be paid fully in cash.

“When someone has a history of illegally using weapons, it shouldn’t be easy for that individual to post bail and get back out on the streets,” explained Senator Turner, D-Mercer. “Many of these individuals are involved in gangs, and between drug trafficking and other criminal activities, it is easy to put together the 10% needed to post a bond. The bar must be set much higher.”

13 May: Madden Bill To Regulate Pet Cemetery Maintenance Fees Clears Senate

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senator Fred H. Madden that would prevent pet cemetery owners from assessing maintenance fees retroactively has been approved by the Senate.

“Pet owners have the right to expect a level of finality when making decisions regarding the death of a family pet,” said Senator Madden, D-Camden and Gloucester. “This bill will ensure that grieving pet lovers will not fact the burden of future claims for payments due to changes to ownership of a pet cemetery or other company decisions.”