06 May: Gordon Bill To Require Study Of Cost-Effective Computing Systems For State Government Signed

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Bob Gordon which would direct the State to conduct a study of the current use of High-Volume Basic Computing (HVBC) systems in government agencies, and examine whether or not viable, cost-effective alternatives exist was signed into law yesterday by the Governor.

“With the current rate of advancement in information technology, the computer systems which were cutting edge yesterday are obsolete by tomorrow,” said Senator Gordon, D-Bergen. “It’s important that we continue to study these advances, and whenever possible, adopt cost-effective solutions which continue to meet the needs of New Jersey’s residents at a fraction of the cost. This law will make sure that policymakers have the information they need to transition New Jersey’s information infrastructure to the latest, most cost-effective platform as possible.”

27 Apr: Turner Bill To Give Local Police Authority To Investigate Train Accidents Passes Senate Committee

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senator Shirley K. Turner that would require local and state police to enter the scene of a train accident and preserve it from further disturbance is one step closer to law as it passed the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today.

“When I became aware of the number of railroad accidents that go unreported or misreported each year, I knew action needed to be taken to better ensure public safety at rail crossings,” said Senator Turner, D-Mercer. “The law as it stands is unclear as to whether local police can begin to conduct the investigation of a railroad accident if they are the first to arrive at the scene. When an accident scene remains unsecured for even just a few minutes longer than necessary, the potential for crucial evidence to be disturbed is too great. This bill reduces that possibility by granting local police the power to begin an investigation.”