14 Jul: Senate Leaders To Pull Political Shadow Organizations Under State’s Pay-To-Play Umbrella

TRENTON – Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney, Majority Leader Barbara Buono and Senators Nicholas P. Scutari and Paul Sarlo today said they will seek to prohibit state contractors from donating to political shadow organizations, saying that the front groups are just as political as the party organizations they seek to augment and should be subject to the same pay-to-play rules.

The lawmakers said their call stems from the controversy raised over the recent fundraising by a group that calls itself “Reform Jersey Now,” but is a collection of top political advisors to Governor Christie. Earlier this month, the group paid for mailers in certain legislative districts – including Sweeney’s – expressly promoting the Governors agenda and urging recipients to call Democratic lawmakers and demand they support the Governor. The group openly tells contributors that state disclosure rules allow them to make unlimited, unreportable donations.

23 Oct: Karcher Moves To Ban Redevelopment Pay-To-Play

TRENTON – At a news conference in the Statehouse today, State Senator Ellen Karcher announced bipartisan support for her bill to ban political contributions from contractors seeking redevelopment contracts in the State, thereby eliminating the threat of pay-to-play to win lucrative contracting bids.

“Pay-to-play is an insidious, invasive practice that colors the entire contracting process for government in a very negative light,” said Senator Karcher, D-Monmouth and Mercer. “For families living under the umbrella of a redevelopment zone, they feel vulnerable to the whims of a government that can be bought with well-placed political donations. We need to assure those families that the fate of their homes is not for sale by their elected representatives.”

07 Mar: Karcher Unveils Redevelopment Reform

TRENTON – At a news conference with representatives from the Center for Civic Responsibility at the Statehouse today, Senator Ellen Karcher unveiled proposed legislation to reform the State’s redevelopment laws, ensuring that redevelopment deals be governed by strict ethical guidelines.

“For too long, redevelopment in New Jersey has been a code word for corrupt developers seeking to enrich themselves on the public dole,” said Senator Karcher, D-Monmouth and Mercer. “Many seek to trade campaign contributions for lucrative development contracts, through the pay-to-play practice that raises the cost on taxpayers. We need to put an end to this insidious practice that is literally making New Jersey too expensive for many to make their homes here.”