A view of the Senate Chambers from the 2010-2011 Senate Reorganization.

06 Jun: Norcross-Sacco Bill Creating Crime Of ‘Cyber-Harassment’ Advances

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senate Law and Public Safety Chairman Donald Norcross and Senator Nicholas Sacco to create the crime of cyber-harassment, which would close a loophole in state law that prevents the criminal prosecution of online harassment of minors by their peers and by adults, was approved today by the committee.

“We have seen cases of cyber-harassment that have ended in devastating tragedies. We need to make sure that attacks against children on the Internet are treated with the seriousness that the issue demands,” said Senator Norcross (D-Camden/Gloucester). “The penalties created under this measure will send a message to kids that online harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. At the same time, it will ensure that adults who engage in online bullying of children will face serious prison time for their actions.”