12 Sep: Weinberg/Coniglio Autism Bills Signed Into Law

WEST WINDSOR – A bill package sponsored by Senators Loretta Weinberg and Joseph Coniglio, designed to increase and improve available resources for families and individuals living with autism, was signed into law today by Governor Jon Corzine. The bills were signed at the Eden Institute, a non-profit organization which provides educational and vocational services to adults and children living with autism.

Autism is a neurological developmental disability that impacts brain development in the areas of communication skills, social interaction and cognitive function. People living with autism often struggle with verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction.

“According to federal statistics, New Jersey has the highest number of autism cases in the nation,” said Senator Weinberg, D-Bergen. “We are still learning about the autism spectrum disorders, but while we are learning, we must be able to provide much-needed assistance to families living with autism. As the number of residents living with autism increases, we must have the resources in place to provide them with support programs as we work to find ways of decreasing autism rates in New Jersey and around the world.”