16 Dec: Buono-Doria bill regulating non-prescription contacts approved

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senators Barbara Buono and Joseph V. Doria which would require that non-prescription, cosmetic contact lenses only be distributed by licensed professionals was approved by the Senate yesterday by a vote of 37-0, receiving final legislative approval.

“While cosmetic contacts might seem like a simple novelty item, the simple fact of the matter is that they’re largely unregulated, and can cause serious vision problems, such as corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis, and even blindness,” said Senator Buono, D-Middlesex. “Contact lenses should be properly fitted by a licensed professional, not handed out over the counter, and should be subject to strict safety guidelines, whether they are prescription or not. The fact that kids can get their hands on these and do lasting damage to their eyesight makes it that much more of a priority, and we need to take immediate legislative action.”

25 Oct: Buono Pushes for Contact Lens Protection Bill, Warns Parents of Dangerous Halloween Costume Accessory

EDISON – With Halloween fast-approaching, Senator Barbara Buono urged consideration in the State Senate of a bill to protect consumers from the health risks associated with using non-prescription contact lenses, and warned parents of the dangers associated with using these contacts as a costume accessory.

“Plano lenses, which are increasingly popular with teenagers during Halloween, are non-prescription contacts used solely to change the color or appearance of one’s eyes,” said Senator Buono, D-Middlesex. “However, considering the only requisite to purchase these lenses is a valid credit card number, many teenagers and other consumers have suffered vision impairment, blindness, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, and allergic reactions, caused by this unregulated novelty.