15 Jun: Weinberg Bill To Make Board Of Medical Examiners More Responsive Advances In Health Committee

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Loretta Weinberg which would make various changes to the State Board of Medical Examiners, including specifying that public members must represent the advocacy community, establishing term limits for members and setting specific timelines for investigations to be undertaken, was unanimously approved by the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee today.

“The State Board of Medical Examiners is charged with overseeing and maintaining the safety of our State’s health care system, and disciplining doctors who do not follow the rules or endanger patients,” said Senator Weinberg, D-Bergen, and Vice Chairwoman of the Senate Health Committee. “This is a public entity that has to look out for the public’s best interests, not a social club of doctors looking out for their own. These reform measures will make the board more responsive and accountable to the public.”