08 Dec: Norcross/Sarlo Bill To Restore Aid To Struggling Cities Clears Senate Committee

TRENTON – Legislation Senators Donald Norcross and Paul Sarlo sponsored to restore $139 million in critical aid for struggling urban areas line-item vetoed by the governor in June was today released by the Senate Budget and Appropriations committee by a bipartisan vote and sent to the Senate floor for final action.

In addition to restoring the $139 million in aid, the bill also would provide $1.5 million to the Department of Community Affairs for oversight purposes.

“Providing this aid means that our hardest-hit urban areas will live to see another day, that police, fire and other vital services won’t have to be cut further and that residents can continue to hope for a better future,” said Norcross (D-Camden). “This aid is an absolute lifeline for communities that have nowhere else to turn. Today we are a step closer to correcting a problem that should have never been created.”