Senator Shirley K. Turner, D-Mercer, speaks in opposition to the FY 2011 Budget.

05 Jan: Turner Bill To Help Trenton Clear Unsafe, Blighted Properties Gets Senate Committee Okay

TRENTON – The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today released legislation Sen. Shirley Turner sponsored to provide Trenton with more than $2.7 million for the demolition of unsafe buildings that pose a hazard to public health and safety.

Under the bill (S-3187), the capital city would reap a total of $2,773,100 – the lion’s share of $7.4 million in state loans to be distributed from the “Urban and Rural Centers Unsafe Buildings Demolition Bond Act,” a revolving loan fund established by voter approval in 1997.

“The proliferation of vacant and increasingly vandalized properties across Trenton is holding the city back from reclaiming its communities and improving residents’ quality of life,” said Turner (D-Mercer). “To move forward, Trenton must have the resources to tear down these threats to public safety, so they can be either replaced with new properties to lure families back or converted to open space for residents to enjoy safely.”