23 Jan: Gill/Ruiz Measure To Establish Loan Forgiveness Program For Teachers Clears Education Committee

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senators Nia H. Gill (D-Essex/Passaic) and M. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex) to establish a loan redemption program under which teachers could have a portion of their undergraduate loans forgiven by the state in exchange for work at a school in New Jersey was approved today by the Senate Education Committee.

“Tasked with preparing the next generation of scientists, nurses and community leaders of our state, teachers have what is arguably the most difficult job there is,” said Senator Gill. “But to become teachers, many of these individuals are forced to take on massive amounts of debt that will take years to pay off. We have to do everything we possibly can to attract and retain excellent teachers. A loan forgiveness program will serve as an incentive for our best and brightest to stay here after college and to choose a New Jersey school to start their careers.”