13 Sep: Lesniak Bill To Create Task Force On Endangered And Exotic Animals Advances

TRENTON – A concurrent resolution, sponsored by Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, which would establish the “Task Force on the Illegal Trade and Inhumane Treatment of Endangered and Exotic Animals” to develop recommendations to protect endangered species and avoid the exploitation of exotic animals was unanimously approved by the Senate Economic Growth Committee today.

“As an ethical society, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our natural environment, and that includes preserving species of animals that are on the brink of extinction,” said Senator Lesniak, D-Union. “Unfortunately, there are far too many incidents in this world of over-hunting, of inhumane practices and of outright exploitation of and cruelty towards rare and exotic animals. If New Jersey can do something to slow down the black market trade that is promoting inhumane treatment and pushing animals into extinction, then we should by all means do it.”