11 Jul: Gordon, Whelan: GOP Decision To Abandon ‘Most Vulnerable Of The Most Vulnerable’ Deplorable

TRENTON — Senators Bob Gordon and Jim Whelan today blasted their Republican colleagues for voting to maintain the governor’s $13 million cut to one of the most frail populations in the entire state.

The Senators leveled their criticism after an attempt to override Gov. Christie’s line-item veto for prescription drug assistance to “dual eligibles” — 133,000 residents poor enough to qualify for Medicaid benefits and old enough to qualify for Medicare.

“The Republicans have told the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable in New Jersey that they on their own, and in the most painful way possible,” said Gordon (D-Bergen). “This is literally money out of the pockets of residents who don’t have anything. It’s deplorable and a horrible message that New Jersey is now sending to these residents.”