14 Jun: Lesniak – ‘Casino Opposition To Sports Betting Is All About Bottom Line – In Nevada’

TRENTON – Senator Raymond Lesniak, the chief advocate in the State Legislature for sports wagering and online betting at New Jersey’s gaming establishments, said today that he was disappointed that the New Jersey Casino Association last week came out in opposition to his efforts.

“This is a case of casino owners putting the sports betting monopoly they enjoy in Las Vegas ahead of New Jersey’s economic well-being and competitiveness, pure and simple,” said Senator Lesniak, D-Union, and chair of the Senate Economic Growth Committee. “If Atlantic City is going to remain economically viable and a revenue generator for the southern part of our State, it has to offer new gaming products, including legalized sports wagering and online betting. The fact that New Jersey casino owners are standing in the way of Atlantic City’s economic recovery has more to do with the bottom line in Nevada than it does with concern for the Garden State and its residents.”

05 Apr: Lesniak Statement On Sports Betting At Opening Of Senate Panel Hearing In Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY – Senate Economic Growth Committee Chairman Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) made the following statement this morning at the beginning of the panel’s hearing on legislation (SCR-49) to put a question on the November ballot asking New Jersey voters whether or not the state should legalize sports betting:

“When Manchester United plays Chelsea at Wembley Stadium, London, in the Premier League, the second most successful sports league in the world, fans can place a bet on either team right at the stadium. When the San Francisco 49ers take on the Denver Broncos at Wembley Stadium on Sunday October 31st of this year, the fans will not be able to place a bet at the stadium, because the National Football League, to protect the integrity of its sport, will not allow the betting windows to open. The fans will have to walk across the street to place their bets. The Broncos will no doubt be favored by a touchdown.

05 Apr: Van Drew: Legalized Sports Betting Key To Atlantic City’s Success

ATLANTIC CITY – Senator Jeff Van Drew testified today before the Senate Economic Growth Committee on legislation he sponsored to permit legalized sports wagering in New Jersey, calling it vital to Atlantic City’s economic success.

“Legalized sports betting is key to Atlantic City maintaining its competitive edge and to ensuring future economic success of the resort city,” Senator Van Drew, D-Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland, said following the committee’s public hearing at the Atlantic City Convention Center. “By approving a constitutional amendment, New Jersey residents can send a strong, unified message in favor of reversing the federal ban on sports wagering, a move that would place us on a level playing field with other gaming states.”

31 Mar: MEDIA ADVISORY – Senate Economic Growth Committee To Hold Public Hearing On Sports Wagering Resolution In Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY – On Monday, April 5, the Senate Economic Growth Committee will hold a public hearing at the Atlantic City Convention Center on SCR-49, legislation sponsored by Committee Chairman Raymond J. Lesniak, and Senator Jeff Van Drew to allow for legalized sports wagering in New Jersey.

“Legal sports wagering could be a tool to help in Atlantic City’s economic revival,” said Senator Lesniak, D-Union. “Unfortunately, the federal ban on sports wagering in all but a handful of states stands as a blockade from New Jersey determining its own economic destiny. By advancing a constitutional amendment to legalize sports wagering, we can send a message about the constitutionality of the federal ban and position New Jersey to start sports wagering as soon a the ban is rescinded.”

08 Feb: Lesniak-Van Drew Constitutional Amendment To Allow For Sports Wagering Advances

TRENTON – A constitutional amendment sponsored by Senators Raymond J. Lesniak and Jeff Van Drew which would allow for in-person and account wagering on sporting events at Atlantic City’s casinos and racetracks was approved by the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee today with a vote of 4-0, with one abstention.

“If we’re going to ensure the future vitality and viability of New Jersey’s casino and horse racing industries, legalized sports wagering has to be a part of the equation,” said Senator Lesniak, D-Union. “This is a venture which will raise at least $100 million in new revenues for the State, and more than $500 million in economic activity for casinos and racetracks. These are funds we cannot leave on the table, and we have to do whatever we can to overturn the over-reaching – and what I believe will ultimately be determined to be unconstitutional – federal ban which gives an unfair sports wagering monopoly to gaming interests in only four states.”