27 Apr: Karcher Supports Federal Efforts To Give State Say In Trash Transfer

FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP – At a news conference today with Congressman Pallone and local, county and State leaders, Senator Ellen Karcher renewed her support for federal legislation which would give states oversight of proposed trash transfer facilities, which jeopardize the quality of life of local residents and pose as a serious environmental, health and safety threat to communities.

“Whenever a proposed trash transfer site rears its ugly head, the community rightfully rises up to oppose it,” said Senator Karcher, D-Marlboro. “These sites increase truck traffic on local roads, impacting air quality with diesel exhaust emissions and the fumes of decomposing garbage, and contaminated runoff can damage our ground water and foul our pristine open spaces. But despite the fact that these sites are universally panned, local leaders are powerless to stop them from being located in their communities.