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Turner Bill to Ease Residency Requirement for Water System Employees Becomes Law

Trenton – Legislation sponsored by Senator Shirley Turner, to ease the residency requirement placed on local government water system employees, was signed into law today.

“This legislation will assist local governments in attracting and retaining high quality employees by creating a less constrictive residency requirement,” said Senator Turner (D-Hunterdon/Mercer). “It is important to support our municipalities in providing clean and safe drinking water for the health and safety of consumers. While there is value in employing qualified individuals who live in the community, it is also important to seek qualified applicants outside of the district when the municipality does not have qualified residential applicants to fill essential positions.”

Under the law, water system employees subject to a residency requirement could live in any municipality served by the system. In the event that the municipal authority is unable to hire a qualified resident, a non-resident could be hired. The law applies to both current employees and new hires.