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Turner Issues Statement On Payroll Tax Cut Initiative She Sponsored

TRENTON – Senator Shirley Turner (D- Mercer) issued the following statement today on Governor Christie announcing $190 million in savings through a payroll tax cut. Senator Turner sponsored the legislation, S-2609, that resulted in these savings.

“Even if we had to wait three months for the official announcement, it is still good news to see Governor Christie highlighting the payroll tax cut that Senator Madden and I sponsored. The governor’s ability to tout ideas that were developed by others, including those from different political parties, is a positive sign that he is heeding our call to work on the economy.

“Our goal when we sponsored the legislation was to have workers bringing home additional pay, in turn giving them more disposable income to help stimulate our state’s economy. This is just one of several ways we can get the state’s economy moving again.”

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