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Turner To Students: Keep Speaking Up, We Hear You

TRENTON – Senate Education Committee Chair Shirley K. Turner made the following statement today supporting the efforts of New Jersey college students to see proposed funding cuts for higher education restored in the FY07 budget:

“It’s nearly impossible to find a reason that would justify these cuts. In the end they would simply become an unacceptable tax on students and their families.

“New Jersey prides itself on being one of the world’s high tech leaders. How can we provide the scientists, doctors, engineers and teachers we need to stay on top if we make it harder for our young people to get a college degree? We won’t be able to attract new companies and keep those we have without an educated workforce and that will have a noticeable impact on our economy and our residents.

“The students who have made calls, written letters or came to the rally need to keep speaking up. The more we hear your voice in Trenton, the more we will see the challenges you face and the need for higher education funding.”