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Turner Wants To Ban Casino Smoking Too

TRENTON – Senator Shirley K. Turner is moving ahead to ban smoking on casino floors because she says it’s only fair to protect the health of all workers and to treat all businesses the same way.

“If the mom and pop stores and the small restaurants have to ban smoking, the ritzy casinos should too,” said the Mercer County Democrat.

Senator Turner said she is introducing legislation in the new session to close the loophole in the legislation approved today to ban smoking in virtually all buildings except for casino floors.

“The small businesses are the backbone of our State’s economy so they shouldn’t be treated like second class citizens when casinos are getting a free ride to smoke ‘em up at will,” said Senator Turner.

Senator Turner said she believes the overwhelming majority of State residents will back a uniform ban that treats small and large businesses the same way.

“Trouble starts when you start favoring the players with the deepest pockets,” said Senator Turner. “I’m hopeful that the new legislative session will bring with an new era of equality for all, especially for the small businesses in New Jersey.”