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Under New Resolution, Latino Caucus Members Urge U.S. Congress to Continue Push Towards Creation of National Museum of the American Latino

Trenton Members of the New Jersey Legislative Latino Caucus issued the following statement in support of introduced legislation, in the form of a joint resolution that respectfully urges the United States Congress to continue progress on the creation of the National Museum of the American Latino:

“On behalf of the Latino community in New Jersey and throughout the United States, we ask that Congress renew its push for a national museum that recognizes that Latinos have built a rich and historical presence since the foundation of our country.

“This initiative symbolizes Latinos contributions in enriching our culture, advancing civil rights, and propelling economic growth. As a pivotal demographic, Latinos constitute 19 percent of the population, with 17 percent serving in the armed forces. Their influence extends across various sectors, including politics, where they form the largest ethnic voting bloc.

“Economically, Latinos are the fastest-growing contributors, driving $3.2 trillion of the GDP. Historically, Latinos have shaped pivotal moments, like the desegregation of schools, exemplified by the 1947 federal court case Mendez v. Westminster.

“The United States has already established museums that celebrate the legacies of African-Americans and Native Americans. Now it is time to permanently recognize the legacy of Latinos in our country, and to provide a space to celebrate this vibrant culture and celebrate Latinos’ role in the American story.

“The resolution, led by Assemblyman Gabriel Rodriguez and Assemblywoman Alixon Collazos-Gill, along with the Senate Majority Leader M. Teresa Ruiz; Senator Nellie Pou, Chair of the Legislative Latino Caucus; and Nilsa Cruz-Perez, urges Congress to reinstate the 2008 commission for the museum’s creation, advocating for its inclusion in the Smithsonian Institution on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

“The resolution garners support from the entire Latino Caucus as co-sponsors, marking a significant step in commemorating Latino heritage and contributions within the American narrative.”

Members of the Legislative Latino Caucus include:

  • Senator Nellie Pou
  • Senator M. Teresa Ruiz
  • Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez
  • Assemblywoman Rosy Bagolie
  • Assemblyman Christian Barranco
  • Assemblywoman Alixon Collazos-Gill
  • Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez
  • Assemblyman Julio Marenco
  • Assemblywoman Carmen Morales
  • Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor-Marin
  • Assemblywoman Annette Quijano
  • Assemblywoman Jessica Ramirez
  • Assemblyman Gabriel Rodriguez