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Van Drew Calls on Murphy to Sue FCC Over Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules

Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May and Cumberland) speaks at a news conference to Urge Horizon and Children’s Hospital to Come to Agreement.

 TRENTON – Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May, Cumberland and Atlantic) today called on Governor-elect Phil Murphy to join the states suing the Federal Communications Commission over its repeal of net neutrality rules that guaranteed equal access to the internet:

 “The FCC vote to roll back net neutrality rules is an attack on our residents who rely on equal and affordable access to the internet. This dangerous move will allow large companies to control the public’s access to information and will make everyone, from our most vulnerable residents to our small business owners, subject to the impulses of telecom giants. Whether it is access to government information, to news, to banking and medical information, or to online communications, this decision has the potential to impact every aspect of our residents’ lives.

 “I’ve fought for improved access to reliable internet for areas of deep South Jersey that were left behind by companies that promised broadband statewide but left communities with antiquated, ill-operating infrastructure and lacking access to 21st century technology. Now we’re at risk of having corporate giants dictate how, when and at what cost the public accesses the internet.

 “New Jersey must fight back. I am calling on Governor-elect Murphy to join the states that are refusing to stand by while this moves ahead. I urge the governor-elect as one of his first actions to file suit against the FCC to protect our residents from the consequences of this disastrous decision.”

The New York Attorney General last week announced he would lead a multi-state lawsuit to stop the illegal rollback of net neutrality. Massachusetts and Washington state attorneys general are also among those with plans to sue.