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Senator Weinberg speaks at a press conference on marriage equality.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg on Monday called for a joint legislative committee to investigate the lane closings to the GeorgeWashingtonBridge.  Senator Weinberg, who represents Fort Lee, said a combined investigation with the Senate and Assembly in the new legislative session would be the most effective way to get the full truth behind the lane closings and the subsequent failure to fully explain what happened and who was involved.

“We need the combined expertise and experience of the Senate and the Assembly to get to the bottom of this,” said Senator Weinberg, who first challenged the Port Authority to explain the closures and who first proposed the use of subpoenas to investigate the growing scandal.

“The Assembly Transportation Committee already had subpoena power so they were best equipped to immediately pursue answers,” said Senator Weinberg. “Senate President Sweeney and I both supported them and we worked well with Assemblyman Wisniewski as he conducted hearings.

“But the issue has grown and the unanswered questions have multiplied,’ said Senator Weinberg. “This involves the abuse of power, risks to public safety, harm to interstate commerce and a possible cover-up. We need to combine the resources of both houses of the Legislature to get to the full truth. Senate President Sweeney and I will work with the Assembly leadership to form a joint committee in the new legislative session to pursue all aspects of this case.”

Senate President Sweeney will schedule a special session of the Senate on Thursday to authorize the joint legislative committee.