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Weinberg Resolutions Urging Expansion of Services and Training Related to Domestic Violence Approved


TRENTON – Three resolutions sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg that urge the expansion of training, technology and size of working committees focused on domestic violence passed the full Senate today.

“Domestic violence is a horrible reality in our society,” said Senator Weinberg (D-Bergen). “New Jersey has made great strides in training law-enforcement, prosecutors and social service workers in how to deal with this issue on all levels, but we have to constantly look at whether we can be doing more than we are. These resolutions push us further in the right direction. Forming a new subcommittee within the Domestic Violence Working Group focused on technology is essential. How we share information among agencies will make us better advocates for victims. The same is true of expanding the membership base of county domestic violence working groups and requiring matrimonial attorneys to have annual training on domestic violence.”

SR-19 urges the state Supreme Court to create a Technology Task Force within the court’s Domestic Violence Working Group. It would be focused on developing technology updates and integration with the goal of making evidence more quickly available and accessible and reduce the possibilities that evidence is misplaced or not property presented in court.

SR-20 urges the state Supreme Court and the state Attorney General to revise their jointly-created County Domestic Violence Working Groups to include additional members, including local domestic violence liaisons to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency and municipal managers. It also would urge that these working groups provide annual written reports to their Superior Court Presiding Judges of the Family Part, Assignment Judges for the vicinage in which the county lies and to the Administrative Director of the Courts.

SR-21 urges the state Supreme Court to require certified matrimonial attorneys to complete a minimum of three hours of domestic violence training each year as part of their Continuing Legal Education requirements.

All three resolutions were approved by unanimous voice votes.