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Weinberg: ‘The Governor Got It Wrong’

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg issues the following statement on Tuesday in response to Governor Christie’s budget proposal:

“The Governor got it wrong with this budget and the middle class will pay the price if he gets his way. It’s wrong for him to put in place a tax scheme that provides a windfall for the wealthy and only small savings for the middle class and working people. It’s wrong for him to ignore the property tax burden carried by most homeowners and it’s wrong that his past budget practices caused a 20 percent increase in property taxes during his two years in office.

“The Governor falsely claimed that the property tax problem has been solved and he falsely claimed that cutting taxes for millionaires and multi-millionaires is the best formula for the economy. He’s wrong on both counts. We all want to cut taxes, but we should cut the right taxes and we should help those who need it most.”