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Weinberg To Propose Legislation In New Year Banning Campaign Signs On Public Property

TRENTON – Senator Loretta Weinberg announced today that she has pre-filed for the next legislative session a measure that will ban the posting of political campaign signs on public property.

“Every October, our roads become inevitably cluttered with campaign signs,” said Senator Weinberg, D-Bergen. “These signs are a distraction to drivers and spoil our public spaces. We need to make it clear to all campaigns that this practice must stop.”

The legislation sponsored by Senator Weinberg would prohibit the posting or display of political signs on any public property owned or maintained by a municipality, county, or State department or agency. The bill defines “public property” as any land, highway, building, object, or any other property owned or maintained by any State or local government entity.

“These signs are more than just a public eyesore. Our towns are stuck footing the bill for their clean-up, and volunteers often put themselves in harm’s way when putting them up along busy highways,” explained Senator Weinberg.

Additionally, the bill stipulates that any candidate, organization, group or individual who posts a political sign on public property in violation of the provisions of the bill would be fined $25 for each illegal posting, and an additional $25 per sign for each day the sign remains posted on public property.

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