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Whelan Haitian Survivor Supply Drive Sends Out First Shipment

Senator Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic)

TRENTON – Senator Whelan announced today that his office has sent out its first wave of donated items collected for the survivors of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti last week, and asked local constituents to continue to do what they can for the relief effort.

“My staff and I have been bowled over by the generosity of our local residents,” said Senator Whelan, D-Northfield. “Folks from all walks of life have come together in this time of crisis for the Haitian people, and given whatever they could to help. While our efforts to collect supplies for the survivors of the devastating earthquake so far have been very successful, we’re asking our constituents to keep up the effort, because there are so many people who need our help.”

Senator Whelan said that, since kicking off the supply drive on Tuesday, his office has collected 20 boxes of supplies, containing such items as blankets, medical supplies, canned goods, basic toiletries and baby items. The supplies were shipped off to the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia organization ( today, in order to get the supplies in the hands of those in need, and to make room in the Senator’s district office for next week’s collections. The lawmaker said that his district office would continue the supply donations drive until next Friday, and after that, would help constituents make accommodations to donate to relief efforts.

“I imagine that relief efforts are probably going to continue for the foreseeable future,” said Senator Whelan. “The destruction and devastation created by last week’s earthquake are unthinkable, and so many families are now without homes, food, clothing and proper medical attention. I urge my constituents to do whatever they can, because without our support, the people of Haiti will never recover from this tragedy.”

Senator Whelan said he’d like to offer special thanks to Jon Arnold and Shamrock Movers for assisting in the delivery of the collected items, as well as Atlantic Palace Suites for their generous donation of blankets and supplies and Ralph Clayton and Clayton Storage for donating space to house surplus items.

“Through the generosity of local folks like Jon Arnold, Ralph Clayton, and Atlantic Palace Suites, we are making a difference in the lives of people affected by this terrible tragedy,” said Senator Whelan.

Senator Whelan said that local residents interested in donating to the supply drive can stop by his office at 511 Tilton Road in Northfield, or call (609) 383-1388 to make arrangements to donate supplies. A list of items needed for the supply drive is attached. Senator Whelan also said that folks interested in donating to relief funds can obtain information regarding legitimate relief organizations by calling the Center for International Disaster Information at 703-276-1914, or by visiting their Web site at

Click Here to View a List of Items Needed for Senator Whelan’s Supply Drive