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You’re about to see a lot more electric scooters in New Jersey, thanks to a new law


Scott Fallon | May 13, 2019 | North Jersey Record |


Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill Monday that could allow for the proliferation of electric scooters and bikes throughout New Jersey — a move deemed to be environmentally friendly but a trend that has made pedestrians and motorists pull their hair out in other parts of the country.

The bill essentially allows electric scooters and bikes with top speeds of 20 mph to be regulated like basic bicycles, meaning that registration, insurance and a driver’s license are not required.

The measure is meant to bolster sharing platforms for scooters and bikes as an alternative to cars or other transportation that burns fossil fuels and emits pollutants.

“Electric bicycles and motorized scooters offer a fantastic alternative to cars, and their use will serve to cut both emissions and congestion in our cities,” Murphy said in a statement accompanying his bill signing.

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