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Adler Comments On Farber Nomination

TRENTON – Senator John H. Adler, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made the following comments concerning the nomination of Zulima Farber to be the next State Attorney General. The committee must consider the nomination prior to a full Senate confirmation vote.

“I am confident that the (Senate Judiciary) Committee will engage in a full examination of Zulima Farber’s credentials, based on her education and her professional and public life experiences.

“Hopefully, the public will receive answers to lingering questions about how the Department (of Law and Public Safety) can be restructured to enhance its effectiveness.

“The Committee members look forward to Ms. Farber providing her priorities and goals for fighting public corruption, protecting us from terrorists and ensuring the safety of our children.

“The position (of Attorney General) needs someone who can balance the Department’s civil and criminal responsibilities, lead by example, delegate effectively to qualified subordinates and, of course, earn the public’s trust.”

Senator Adler said the panel would set a hearing date in the near future, but it will not precede the installation of the new Administration on Tuesday, he said.