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Buono Bill To Make It Easier To Get An Accident Report Approved By Assembly

TRENTON – The State Assembly gave final legislative approval today to a measure sponsored by Senator Barbara Buono that would make it easier for drivers to obtain an accident report by facsimile or mail.

“It makes little sense that in a world where electronic communications are second nature, that people must to go in person to the police department to get a copy of an accident report,” said Senator Buono, D-Middlesex. “We are used to conducting business from the comfort of our own home and it’s far past time that police departments offer the option to get a report by mail or fax.”

The bill, S-997, would require police departments to provide accident reports on request through the mail or via fax. The police departments would be allowed to require the individual asking for the report to complete a request form and submit a fee of up to $5 for the first three pages and $1 for each additional page before the report is sent.

“This bill will allow those involved in accidents to save time and money when obtaining the police accident report,” explained Senator Buono. “It can be difficult to make it to the police department to pick up a copy in person, especially if people don’t live close to the town where the accident occurred or if they have limited mobility due to age or disability.”

The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 80-0. It now goes to the Assembly for their consideration.

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