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30 Jun: Sarlo/Kyrillos Measure To Create ‘NJ Hall Of Fame’ Receives Final Legislative Approval

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senators Paul A. Sarlo and Joseph M. Kyrillos that would create the “New Jersey Hall of Fame” to celebrate New Jerseyans who have made notable contributions to society received final legislative approval today by the full Assembly.

“The Hall of Fame would help celebrate the New Jerseyans who have and continue to represent our State around the country and around the world,” said Senator Sarlo, D-Bergen, Essex and Passaic. “All too often, the media portrays the State in a negative light. This measure would work to show native sons and daughters of New Jersey that we are proud of what they’ve accomplished, and we want them to continue to represent the State in a positive light.”

30 Jun: Doria Bill To Create Non-Profit Foundation For Technology

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senator Joseph V. Doria, which would create a non-profit foundation for technology advancements in New Jersey, received final legislative approval today.

“New Jersey has long been a leader in innovation, scientific research and technology,” said Senator Doria, D-Hudson. “From our research universities to the State’s established biotech and pharmaceutical companies, New Jersey is already the perfect location. The foudation will act as a think tank that will attract more companies that will bring more advancements.”

29 Jun: Senate Democrats Advance Fiscally Sound Budget Plan

TRENTON – The Democratic Majority on the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee issued the following statement this evening after agreeing to advance a fiscally sound budget plan for the fiscal year beginning Friday.

“Our budget proposal reflects our strong, but sensible commitment to taxpayers in its subtantial increases in property tax rebates.

28 Jun: Senator Bryant: Senate Budget Bill On The Way

TRENTON – Senator Wayne R. Bryant, Chairman of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, made the following statement after the Assembly announced it was preparing its own budget bill.

“Based on the decision by the Assembly to introduce its own budget bill, we in the Senate have no choice but to do likewise. Accordingly, we will prepare a budget bill for introduction on Wednesday (June 29th) that reflects our priorities. The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee will convene on Wednesday to consider the measure.

27 Jun: Smith Measures To Protect Air Quality Go To Governor

TRENTON – A bill package sponsored by Senator Bob Smith which would regulate and reduce diesel emissions in New Jersey and vastly improve the State’s air quality was approved by both houses of the Legislature today, and head to the Governor to be signed into law.

“New Jersey is well on the road to cleaner skies, and the prize is just over the horizon,” said Senator Smith, D-Middlesex and Somerset, the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee. “Diesel pollution is a poison that fouls the air we breathe, and increases the risk of certain respiratory and cardiac illnesses that can prove to be fatal. We need better controls on emissions levels, and an across-the-board reduction on air pollution, to provide for a safer, healthier New Jersey for future generations.”

27 Jun: Senate Approves Measure To Help Gift Cards Retain Value

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senators Joseph Coniglio, Joseph Vitale and Nia Gill that would require retailers offering gift cards to disclose expiration dates and other conditions on those gift cards at time of purchase and restrict the fees that retailers can charge to gift card holders that carry a balance on the card passed the Senate Commerce Committee today.

“I think that when anyone buys or receives a gift card, they expect that it will be treated the same as cash at the store we purchase it from,” said Senator Coniglio, D-Bergen. “Unfortunately, some retailers have come to use expiration dates and hidden dormancy fees to reduce the value of these cards and increase their profit margins. Before buying a gift card, consumers deserve to know the terms and conditions of that card so they know exactly what they are buying.”

27 Jun: Sweeney Measure To Ban ‘MTBE’ Clears Senate

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senator Stephen M. Sweeney that would ban the sale of gasoline additive Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in New Jersey was approved today by the Senate.

“MBTE has been banned in other states because of the life-threatening health risks it poses to residents who are exposed to contaminated water and soil,” said Senator Sweeney, D-Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem, who serves as Vice-Chair of the Senate Environment Committee. “By working eliminate the need for MTBE and other chemicals like it, we would be working to protect residents from developing life-threatening diseases like cancer from their drinking water, while helping the State maintain its place in the forefront of environmental technology.”

27 Jun: Scutari Bill Would Make Driving Without A License A Costly Mistake

TRENTON -Legislation sponsored by Senator Nicholas P. Scutari toughening the penalties for unlicensed drivers involved in fatal accidents was approved by the full Senate today.

“We are one step closer to be able to sufficiently prosecute unlicensed drivers who take the lives of others,” said Senator Scutari, D-Middlesex, Somerset and Union. “The Get Out of Jail Free card is being torn up.”

27 Jun: Smith Bill Authorizing Greater Labor Organization Approved

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Bob Smith which would make it easier for non-unionized employees to organize to increase their negotiating power was approved by the Senate today by a vote of 24-11, receiving final legislative approval.

“The right of employees to organize in order to protect the basic rights of the worker is a time-honored tradition that has lead to landmark employee protections that have made the working place a safer and far more fair environment,” said Senator Smith, D-Middlesex and Somerset. “Unions have been at the forefront of every major employee initiative in the last 100 plus years. We need to continue the tradition of unionization, to maintain a necessary watchdog for the working man, and give employees the ability to organize without facing retribution from non-union employers.”

27 Jun: Smith/ Sweeney Measure To Permit Increased Use Of Absentee Ballots Clears Senate

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senators Bob Smith and Stephen M. Sweeney that would permit any legally registered voter to use an absentee ballot, under any circumstances was approved today by the Senate.

“The right to vote is such a definitive American value, and by expanding the power of the absentee ballot for New Jersey voters, we are upholding the core of American democracy that was cherished by our forefathers,” said Senator Smith, D-Middlesex and Somerset. “To have a true representative government you need the input and participation of the people you represent. By giving voters greater availability to take advantage of the absentee ballot, we are engaging more people in the political process and allowing them to determine their own fate in regards to their representatives in local, county, state and federal offices.”