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Cunningham on State Budget, ANCHOR Program

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Trenton – Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham, who serves as Vice Chair for the Senate Budget Committee, released the following statement today on the state budget and the proposal to expand the ANCHOR tax relief plan:

“New Jersey is facing an unprecedented opportunity to invest in the future of our state and provide tax relief to our residents. With significant resources available through the debt defeasance fund and the remaining American Rescue Plan money, we have a unique opportunity to invest in projects that have long been out of reach. The decisions on these once-in-a-lifetime expenditures should not be made behind closed doors, it is crucial our process and deliberations are fully transparent.

“Through strategic investments in school and childcare infrastructure we can pave the way for the next generation while supporting families and bolstering our workforce. In the weeks ahead I am committed to ensuring we pass a state budget that meets the needs of our residents and provides sustainable short and long-term investments in our communities.”