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Doria Bill To Create Non-Profit Foundation For Technology

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senator Joseph V. Doria, which would create a non-profit foundation for technology advancements in New Jersey, received final legislative approval today.

“New Jersey has long been a leader in innovation, scientific research and technology,” said Senator Doria, D-Hudson. “From our research universities to the State’s established biotech and pharmaceutical companies, New Jersey is already the perfect location. The foudation will act as a think tank that will attract more companies that will bring more advancements.”

The bill, S-1974, would develop a non-profit foundation to coordinate programs and support initiatives of the advanced technology industry in New Jersey. The bill would direct the foudation to discuss the advanced technology industry, anticipate the needs of the future and make policy recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor.

“To remain as on of the nation’s strongest technology center, we need to bring the State, universities and businesses together to get the best advice on how to expand on our technological achievements,” said Senator Doria. ” A foudation will be able to sit down and gain a better understanding of the future needs on the world, and with great minds working together with the Legislature, we can ensure meaningful advancements.”

The bill now goes to the Governor’s office for enactment.