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Doria Encouraged By Corzine Appeal For Bipartisanship, Cooperation

TRENTON – Senator Joseph V. Doria Jr. today said he was “very encouraged” by the appeal for bipartisanship and cooperation expressed today in the remarks delivered by Governor Jon Corzine at his Inauguration.

“It was good that Governor Corzine recognized that the problems we face with the budget, health care funding and fixing children’s services are far too serious to be bogged down in partisan politics,” said Senator Doria, D-Hudson.

“Governor Corzine sent out a positive message calling for bipartisan cooperation and that’s a healthy start for someone on a learning curve for dealing with the Legislature,” said Senator Doria, a former Assembly Speaker and Minority Leader and the current Mayor of Bayonne.

“If Governor Corzine keeps that message alive and well, he will reflect the tone of bipartisanship set over the last 14 months by Governor Codey,” Senator Doria said. “I think Governor Corzine could do well by adopting that same attitude which, I think, helped generate Governor Codey’s sky-high public approval ratings.”