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Girgenti Bill Educates Students About New Drugs

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senator John A. Girgenti, to ensure that students are made aware of new popular “designer” drugs like Ecstasy, “the party drug,” and Rohypnol, the “date-rape drug,” was unanimously approved by the full Senate today.

“Research has proven that anti drug campaigns in the media and educational programs at school are successful in fighting the war on drugs,” said Senator Girgenti, D-Bergen and Passaic. “Every day the number of new doses of these ‘designer’ drugs found in New Jersey are growing. These newer drugs are extremely dangerous and are more potent than previously popular drugs like marijuana. Because of the increasing popularity of these new drugs with teens, I want to make sure that we educate minors about these drugs before it’s too late.”

Senator Girgenti’s bill, S-621, would require the new drugs to be added to the Core Curriculum Content Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education taught in public schools and are to be included in instructional programs.

“The United States Department of Health and Human Services awarded grants totaling more than $23 million over five years to fight the spread of Ecstasy and other club drugs,” said Senator Girgenti. “The funds were awarded to foster development of projects through schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, local health departments and other community-based organizations that have strong evidence of effectiveness. We must join forces with parents and educators to combat this social scourge.”

The measure now heads to the Assembly for consideration.

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